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Bovine Nippers:
Jeremy's Shop nippers are designed for the professional use of doctoring and maintaining the hoofs of cattle. We have not tested our nippers on other hoofed animals such as horses and so we cannot reccomend the use of our trimmers on other animals.

Left nippers:

Left nippers are optimized for tilt chutes where the animal is tilted on their left side.

Right nippers:
Right nippers are optimized for tilt chutes where the animal is tilted on their right side.

Neutral nippers:
Neutral nippers are considered a general tool and will work with both sides of stand up chutes or tilt chutes but is not optimized for any positions.

Our nippers are shipped sharpened. When working with a left nipper, the left blade is considered the cutting blade while the right is considered the holding blade.  In addition when working with a right nipper, the right blade is the cutting blade and the left blade is the holding blade. To maintain alignment and to obtain a fine sharp edge, only the top of the blades are ground or sharpened, while leaving the bottoms flat and untouched.  Although both left and right blade on each nipper are sharpened, the holding blade should be sharpened with a steeper angle. On neutral nippers both sides are sharpened and neither side is a holding blade.

Lefts and Rights:
When trimming a cow that is in a stand up position, such as with a stand up chute, it is best to use a combination of left and right nippers.  A left nipper is used for the left side and a right for the right side. For nipping the cows rear hoofs, either a right or left nippers can be used. 

When working with a tilt-chute such that the cow is tilted to its left side, in general, a left-hand nipper is preferred.  If the cow is tilted to its right side, a right-hand nipper is preferred instead.

Returns and Repairs:
In an extreme rare case that a defective nipper should be shipped from Jeremy's Shop, please call,  or email us to obtain an RMA verification before returning the defective nipper.

As a service to satisfy our customers, upon replacement of blades other minor complimentary repairs and cleaning may be made. However, to request other major repairs such as pivot work, contact us before you ship in order to obtain additional information about pricing.

We stand behind the workmanship and quality of our nippers. However, users should be aware that there are some precautions and special maintenance involved to uphold the quality and warranty of these professional nippers.

1) Nippers should be greased regularly to eliminate rust and friction which may cause unnecessary wear.  Tight pivots will eliminate extra work and will ensure  higher cutting precision by rendering the blade alignment accurate.

2) The nippers blades are hardened in order to make it possible to obtain a sharp cutting edge and long life. Because of this, they are somewhat brittle and delicate.  Prying or impacts, such as those caused by dropping a nipper, can ultimately result in the breakage of the blades.  Such neglect or misfortune will not be warranted.  Broken blades will never be covered by factory warranty, unless they are broken on arrival, or found to be the obvious fault of Jeremy's Shop.

3) To avoid risk of warranty, any repairs or modifications made to nippers must be done through Jeremy's Shop.  External repairs can also cause changes in the critical alignment of the blades.  This will create unnecessary strain on the end user and it may render the blades non-replaceable or the pivots unrepairable through Jeremy's Shop.

4) Jeremy's Shop does not warranty normal ware and tear of nippers. In addition, we do not warranty damage caused by the neglect of proper maintenance the nippers.

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